Forest Spirit - Artist Proof (2 of 2)

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Copyright 2022, Daniel Leonard

As children we saw the world through an often strange and beautiful lens, our limitless imaginations took us on the wildest of adventures. This lens diminishes as we grow, reality takes hold and the responsibilities of adulthood set in. With this photo I was trying to capture that sense of adventure and wonder, not just from Link’s perspective as he stumbles across a living tree creature, but also from Groot’s as he encounters a tiny adventurer within his domain.

Print – Artist Proof: 2 of 2
Type: Original Photograph with Unique Digital Signature
Size: 36″ x 24″
Mount Type: TrueLife Acrylic Facemount
Media: Metallic Pearl Photographic Paper

Authentication: Near Field Communication (NFC) Tag

NFC – TAG ID: coming soon!

Digital Artwork Version Information
(reference only - sold separately)

NFT – Contract Address: coming soon!

NFT – Token ID: coming soon!

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